Alswell is a peaceful coastal town overlooking the vast Atlantic ocean. It's a beautiful part of old Acadia and tourists revel in the town's quaint history. The locals take pride in their little piece of Canada and make an effort to keep their streets clean and people happy.

How will you fit in with this lovely little community?



This cute red-head just made elementary and she's already infecting the school with her enthusiasm! Many describe her as a bundle of joy as well as a bundle of energy.


Billy is a bit of a wild child and can always be found tinkering with his bike... and his father's watch... and the school's computers... you get the idea. Everything he takes apart he can put back together, but one day it might just land him in trouble!


This sweet older girl has trouble keeping up in school. There's a rumour that she has just as much trouble at home. She's a bit of a punk, which makes it hard for her to get along with others. She could really use a friend.


The biggest thing about Franky is the set of thick glasses on his nose. He leads a quiet lifestyle of computer games and other nerdy pursuits. He and his friends regularly get together for some D&D.


This little girl just made elementary and is still pretty attached to her stuffed animals. She always brings a teddy with her everywhere and is ready to play pretend at the drop of a pin. She's so adorable!


He's a bit of a delinquent and has been known to bully the other children. He acts all cool and tough and frequently ditches school. Nobody is too sure what his deal is, but it's pretty out of place in a quiet town like this.


This kid means business... literally! He's the only kid in town that carries a briefcase to school and has his weekly allowance stated on a signed contract. He keeps an eye on the markets and plans to be a millionaire before he graduates!


She's a kid that's always daydreaming by the window. She's pretty distant and struggles to keep a social life. The other kids sometimes picks on her, but it doesn't seem to make an impact. She's incredible at math!


It's pretty rare to see this kid without a candy bar in his hands. He can name any chocolate, candy, or potato chip even with a blindfold. His sweet tooth is infamous throughout the whole town!


This kid is pretty athletic! She's always swinging from a tree or running through fields or playing sports with her friends. She knows the stats on pretty much every sport. She's got what it takes to go all the way to the pros!


Stuck or just want to know what you've done? Press the space bar to bring up your stats!

Not sure what to do? Read the Endings section to learn how to unlock them!


You do a lot of odd jobs each week, which means you travel around town a lot. Throughout the day, you'll be picking up any kid you meet so you can take them to class. Be sure to play nice and make a lot of friends!

  • 1 - This is your speed meter. If it's red, you're going too fast!
  • 2 - This is how many kids you have riding with you. Get them all to go on a special trip!
  • 3 - If you have enough kids, drive into a SPOT to play out a fun situation!
  • 4 - These kids are trusting and will approach you if you get close enough.
  • 5 - This is you. This week you're an ice cream man!

  • Press 'ESC' to quit at any time.
  • Press 'ENTER' to cycle through dialog.
  • Press 'Z' to accelerate your van.
  • Press 'X' to brake or go into reverse.
  • Press the mouse-button to cycle dialog or make choices.
  • The arrow keys control your movement.
  • Once you have enough passengers, you can take them home or out on a field trip!
  • If you drive too fast, you might cause an accident or scare people. Make sure you aren't reckless!
  • If you run into a kid, you'll just daze them if you're going slowly. Don't worry they'll get back up!
  • If you do anything bad, kids will scatter away. Give them some time to get over it.
  • You need to park and be visible before anyone will come take a ride with you.
  • You can hide behind buildings if you're trying to avoid an unpleasant situation.
  • Don't lose yourself behind a building! If you can't see what you're doing, it makes things tough.


Now that you have all the children, it's time to teach them a lesson. There are five different categories: Math, Geography, Science, Arts, and History! I hope you're ready to study with them! Once a kid gets a correct answer, they're done studying for the day. If they get it wrong, it's up to you to help them out with a kind word!

  • 1 - Click this button to dismiss the class. Don't do it too early and don't do it too late!
  • 2 - This is the clock. Keep an eye on the time! If a kid screws up, you'll need to help them out.
  • 3 - This is how many lessons you need to do before the time is up.
  • 4 - Click this button to introduce some fun questions into the mix!
  • 5 - This is the question. The kids will try to answer; it's up to you to pick the best!
  • 6 - These are the answers the children will give.
  • In this stage, all the controls are done with the mouse.
  • Do you pick the right answer to re-inforce learning or the wrong answer to help them study?
  • When you punish a child for being wrong, remember that kind words and hard work get pretty far.
  • The game will warn when you're out of time for class. Going over will upset the children.
  • Dismissing early is a great morale booster! But make sure you're done all your lessons first.
  • You'll learn over time which kid excels at what category and the things they say.
  • You'll also learn when your class is excited, bored, or upset just from reading their answers.


This game was created by Aquin for the TIGS adult/edu compo in 2009.

This game has no place in reality. The idea of a stranger driving around abusing kids is pretty stupid. Kids have more to fear at home.

A major reason children run away from home is to escape from sexual/physical abuse in their family. The average age to leave is 15. The average age of entry into the sex trade in Canada is 14 years of age in British Columbia.

1 in 3 females and 1 in 6 males in Canada experience some form of sexual abuse before the age of 18. 80% of all child abusers are the father, foster father, stepfather or another relative.

Sexual/physical abuse cases involving a complete stranger is less than 1%.

-information provided by Safe Kids BC