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◇Electronic games: The Arnie Katz Interviewby Steve Fulton @ Gamasutra

“Electronic games”という雑誌を運営していた人物へのInterview。日本で言えばMSX FANとMAS MAGAZINEとMSX応援団の話を当時の編集長がしているようなもので、実際読んだことがないのに面白い。

I think it is very important to not condescend to the readers. I have great respect for the people that read Electronic games magazine,

condescend = 見下す、恩着せがましくする

Do you think in modern era of the internet, with blogs and user generated content, that people now expect it to be some kind of stepping stone?

AK: Yes, the lines have been blurred. I do not say this to be discouraging, but I am saying it as somebody who recently folded a web site because I found no way of making money at it. The reality is, there is a delusive factor and it has always beset writers (at least for my entire career and well back beyond that) that people confuse the ability to type with the ability to write.

Artists are lucky. People inevitably find out if they can or can’t draw. If you can’t, you can’t. People say to me things like, “I could have written that if I had had the time.” That’s like saying, “I could have done that brain surgery if I had all that training”.

The fact is, I love the internet. I ran web sites starting in the early ’90s. After leaving the electronic gaming world, I became the editor in chief and the chief editorial architect at a site named that became the fourth largest site on the internet, when I was doing it.

I love the internet, I spend a lot time with my friends on the internet, but when it comes to writing, there are 100 times more people writing than there should be. When you look at the blogs they are mostly terrible, mostly a waste of time. It’s a waste of time for the writer, a waste of time for the reader. Of course there are exceptions, but the average blog is read by seven people.

It is very difficult to gain an audience because there are so many voices.

AK: Yeah, there is a bad signal-to-noise ratio. There is a lot of noise and it makes it very difficult for people to find an audience. There have always been people who felt a yearning to become writers without the desire to submit their work to nay kind of critical scrutiny. They start their own little magazine, now they start a blog. Most of them are not very good. There is no question that the abundance of online material about video and computer gaming has largely destroyed the newsstand magazines.

◇Analysis: The Evolution Of The Class system In games by Andrew Vanden Bossche @ Gamasutra

One genre that has seen a particularly pronounced increase is the FPS, especially since the release of games like Team Fortress 2. This may be because class was integral to the sort of teamwork encouraged by early Dungeons and Dragons.

Gary Gygax’s vision of D&D was very nearly like a team sport. When he and the many others working at TSR created the first character classes, they made them with the intent that they would be used like a team. players were supposed to work together and complement each other, and class-based design was meant to encourage this team effort problem solving.

A successful group relies on each other, and compensates for the weaknesses in other members. What’s wonderful about class based design is that it creates a feedback loop in which the classes encourage good teamwork, and teamwork encourages exploration and mastery of the classes.

game内Classが生み出す協力playをD&Dから考える。Classの強い点、弱点が持つ意味、相互協力などをDungeons & Dragonsを基盤にTeam Fortress 2を例にして意義を明らかにしている。文章に癖があるが、面白い記事だ。

be meant to = ~するようにつくられている

◇Persuasive games: Puzzling the Sublime by Ian Bogost @ Gamasutra



Daily Log (December 2009)

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PC98用SCSI HDDからdataを吸い出す

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持っているSCSI HDDは4.2GBと6GBの二台で、昔FAT32を使っていた頃吸い出そうとしたのだが、size制限に引っかかって駄目だった。今はsize制限の大きいNTFSにしているので、処分を兼ねて吸い出しを試みた。



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