Airborne Assault/Command Ops – play log vol.1

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Will Bulge make Airborne Assault redundant? @ Matrix Games Forum


The first one was actually called Airborne Assault: Red Devils over Arnhem which was published by Battlefront (of Combat Mission fame). Panther moved to Matrix for the sequel, Airborne Assault: Highway to the Reich which, as has been said, is an expanded and greatly improved version of the first game which makes it obselete. The third game was Airborne Assault: Conquest of The Aegean.


The games so far have been paratroop based, CotA rather less than the Market Garden games, but there is no reason games using the engine have to have paratroops at all. ‘Airborne Assault’ is just a series/engine identifier, really. The new one will be ‘BftB’ to most whether Panther give it the AA tag or not.


To make it more confusing, if the first game of the serie was released under the name Airborne Assault: Red Devils over Arnhem by, CDV, distributed it in Europe under the sole Airborne Assault name.

bink, all that information in detail can be found on my website : The Drop Zone

AA:RDをCDVが欧州でRDの付かない”Airborne Assault”名のみで販売したので混乱するようなことになっている。

Again, my understanding is that the only game in the series that can truly be considered obsolete is the original release Red Devils over Arnhem, although my knowledge is second hand. While HTTR does not have the supply functions added to the engine for COTA, it is definitely not an obsolete game.

While Battles from the Bulge will have additional improvements incrementally added to the engine it won’t make any of the previous games obsolete.
It may also come with a revision to the name of the game engine as the focus is moving away from “airborne” operations, but I won’t try speaking for Dave on that issue and risk divulging something I shouldn’t.


◇Airborne Assault: Red Devils Over ArnhemとHighway to the Reich

In development currently is Airborne Assault®: Highway to the Reich covering all three battles from operation Market Garden. This will include the battles for Arnhem ( with the British 1st Abn Division, as covered in their first game Airborne Assault: Red Devils over Arnhem ), Nijmegen ( with the US 82nd Airborne Division ) and Eindhoven ( with the US 101st Abn Div ). This will be the first in this series to be published through Matrix Games.
Matrix Games and Panther Games Join Forces @ Panther Games

Airborne Assault: Highway to the Reich (HttR) by Panther Games and Matrix Games is a much-expanded companion to the earlier Airborne Assault release, Red Devils Over Arnhem. With improved graphics, a wealth of scenarios and campaigns – both fictional and historical, HttR covers the entire Market-Garden campaign from start to finish.

Airborne Assault-Highway to the Reich |

つまりHighway to the Reich(以後HTTR)はRDの改良拡張版らしい。 and Panther Games Pty Ltd wish to announce the end of their publishing agreement. The sale of “Airborne Assault®: Red Devils over Arnhem” by will be discontinued immediately, and there will be no further patches for this version. All orders which have been placed so far will be fulfilled as usual.

“We are both sad and happy to see Panther Games leave”, said Martin Turewicz of “We are sad because it has been a pleasure working with the guys at Panther, and happy – for them – to go explore alternative ways of making and marketing their excellent games.”

Panther Games likewise is thanking for the tremendous support, professional attitude and friendly service. “We wish them the very best. It has been a pleasure to work with the Battlefront staff” said Panther Games President, Dave O’Connor. “And we look forward to their continued support in marketing AA:RD into western Europe.” and Panther Games Pty Ltd announce the end of their publishing agreement

当初Panther GamesはBattleFrontとの共同でRDを販売していた。しかし、何らかの理由によりその提携は突如打ち切られ、BF下での続編の販売は元よりRD向けのpatchもでないということになった。新たな提携先として選ばれたのがMatrix Gamesで、Panther GamesはRDを改良し、さらにscenarioを追加してHighway to the Reichとして新たに販売したという経緯のようだ。


Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge

Airborne Assault seriesの最新作がCommand Ops: Battles from the Bulgeとして売られているんだけど、どうみても失敗した名付けだよなぁ。

developerに言わせると、”内容が空挺作戦から離れてきて、扱う内容が変化したのでそれにあったものにした”、ということだけどCommand OpsではWargameの分野だとどこにでもありそうな単語の組み合わせではっきりした印象を持てない。すでにbrandとして確立されたAirborne Assaultの方がいいと誰もが考えると思うが、良くも悪くも史実に合わせる職人気質ということだろう。

AA&CO seriesは2011年の始めに値下げされて、Highway to the Reichなど$19.99とかなり安い値段になっている。自信をもってこういう売り方ができるだけの位置にある作品だ。

  • Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge is now available at a permanently reduced price of $59.99 (Download) / $69.99 (Physical) a reduction from $79.99/$89.99 for $20 in savings.
  • Conquest of the Aegean is now available for $39.99 (Download) / $49.99 (Physical) a reduction from $59.99/$69.99 for $20 in savings.
  • Highway to the Reich is now available for $19.99 (Download) / $29.99 (Physical) a reduction from $49.99/$59.99 for $30 in savings.
  • Permanent Price Reduction for the Panther Games Lineup! @ Matrix Games

    そもそもAirborne Assaultが名づけられる元となった初作のAirborne Assault: Red Devils Over Arnhemはなぜかまったく再販されていない。版権の関係とも思えないが・・・



    戦術級: Close Combat

    作戦級: Airborne Assault

    戦略級: Hearts of Iron


    といってもClose Combatは個人単位で表現したが故に抽象化の妙味を失っているし、Airborne Assaultは小規模な作戦に止まり、HoIはgrand strategyというより大きなものになっている。


    ◇Veve: First Clash at Veve – Allies







    ◇Bir el Gubi:Trial by Combat – Axis


    後半から敵に大量の増援部隊が現れる。前半から戦っていた敵部隊はかなり消耗して脅威にはならなくなっているが、こちらもそれに応じて消耗してしまっている。西の部隊が包囲され一部隊が壊滅したが、出来うる限り粘って退却し、後背に防衛線を築き直そうとした所で戦闘期間が終わった。戦力比ではまったく負けているが、objectの達成、この場合は指定地点をより長く占拠することがVictory pointに直結するためDecisive Victory(決定的な勝利)となった。


    ◇Panther Gamesのgame designingの根幹

    Back in 1995 when Paul Scobell and myself were sitting in my home office designing how this game would be, we wanted to harness the full capabilities of what computers can do and we knew that that was a lot more than just rolling a dice. We also wanted to put the player in the role of a commander. To do that meant we had to simulate a command system. Real operational level commanders do not have the time to manage every unit under their command. They rely on their subordinate commanders for that. So this meant that we had to develop an artificial intelligence ( AI ) that could do a reasonable job in managing subordinate forces. Only then would the player be able to trust it to carry out its orders and free him up from the need to micromanage every last detail.

    The benefits of this approach are immense. Obviously players can macromanage like real life commanders do. They can focus on what’s really important for their level of command – what is the enemy’s intensions, how can I respond, what are my objectives, how can I best achieve them.

    Dave O’Connor, President of Panther Games

    1995年に逆上るが、Paul Scobellと私は自宅のofficeに座ってどうgameをつくるべきか試行錯誤していた。私たちはcomputerにできる本当の能力を引き出すことを欲しており、それはサイコロを振る以上のことであるとわかっていた。



    最初に馴れるのはFirst Clean Break v2をAxisでやるべきだ。その次はTutorial 1のAllies。

    Tutorial 2などは途中の援軍で攻防が激しく入れ替わるのでとてもじゃないが初心者向きじゃない。

    ※TutorialのscenarioはCOTA Getting Started Manual (screen).pdfと2. COTA Advanced Tutorial Manualで説明に使われているのでmanual先行で学習した人にはいい。

    ◇Air Borne Assault: Conquest of the Aegean – 1st impression

    少しSSGものに食傷気味になってきたので、かなり前に手に入れて少し触っただけだったConquest of the Aegaenをplayし始めたが、これは凄いWargameだ。


    行動を指定して後はAIに任せるのが基本で、optionだがそのorderは命令から実施まで遅れが生じるなど、本当の指揮をsimulateしたものになっており、敵の攻撃によってsuppression parameterが上がるので射程内で自由に行動することはできない。部隊や地形ごとに移動結果に差がでつつ敵の攻撃範囲まで接近、そこからは双方のsuppressionやfatigue(疲労)などが上がりつつ損害が増していってどちらかが後退、戦域が移っていくという風に推移していく。

    作戦級と戦術級の間ぐらいのscaleで、一見扁平な地図だが高低差がありLine of Sightがすべての場所で計算されている。


    Panther GamesはAustraliaの国防programにも参加しているが、Board時代から引き継がれた伝統的なWargameの本質を受け継ぎながらも、computer時代のWargameのあるべき姿を示している。しばらくはこれに嵌ろう。


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