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SonicRecordNowなど市販品や他のfreeware StarBurnなどでできなかった8GB(DVD-R DLなど)の追加が問題がこれで解決した。Blue-Rayも問題なく扱えている。



AdministratorでないaccountでBurnする時に必要。管理者権限であれば必要ない。desktop>My computer>管理>serviceから切っておく。

So to answer the Question: The process (running with administrator rights) forwards access to CD/DVD burning functions to programs running without administrator rights. Usually, Non-Admins (or more precisely, users not having the ‘burn’ right, which is by default only given to administrators and user in the ‘burners’ group by the default policies) cannot access DVD writers and the software won’t show them up.

If you’re using your system with full admin rights (as most XP users do), the process does not need to run.

Normally, a (real) admin should make sure that all users who are allowed to use the writer, are added to the proper user group. But 99% of all XP users are no real Admins and don’t know about policies. Even if they know about the risks of using an admin account for daily work and have a separate user account. And since a software may not change the policies, someone smart invented a way to circumvent the policies instead.

A typical example for a piece of software which is totally superfluous on a correctly administered system.


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