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positive rate: gameとしての面白さ
negative rate: 製品としての不出来/不快度
diggable rate: どのぐらい楽しくやり込めるか
learning rate : まともなplay習得までにかかる時間・難度

played : [量(map/clear)・時間(hour)・期間(day/week/month/year)]

Construction and Management simulation

Balance of power 21st Century Official

Beach Life pr:8 nr:3.5 dr:5.5 [years]


Caesar 4 pr:3.5

Capitalism II pr:6 dr:3 [days]

Castles pr:7 nr:6 [year]

Castles 2

City Life

Democracy 2 pr:9 nr:2.5 [years]

Dungeon Keeper 2 pr:6 nr:7 dr:4


Patrician II pr:6.5 nr:4 lr:7.5 dr:5 [months]
Patrician III

Pharaoh + Cleopatra pr:4 nr:7 dr: [some maps]

Port Royale

Rails Across America pr:7 nr:2 dr:3 lr:3.5 [clear: hard]

Railroad Tycoon pr:9 nr:5 dr:6 [years]

Railroad Tycoon 2 pr:5.5 nr:9 dr:7.5 lr:7 [years]

Railroad Tycoon 3 pr:8 nr:3.5 [months]

Republic The Revolution

Sid Meyer’s Pirates! pr:7 nr:5.5 lr:3 [Normal clear]

Populous pr:8.5 nr:4 dr:6 [years]

Populous 2 pr:8 nr:4 dr:8 [months]

Populous The Beginning pr:5 [weeks]

Power Monger pr:7 nr:8 dr:7 [month]

Prison Tycoon 2 pr:2.5 [days]

SeaWorld Adventure Park Tycoon pr:2.5 [days]

Sim City pr:8 nr:7 [year]

Space colony

Spore: creature creator pr:8 dr:3

Stronghold pr:9.5 nr:4 dr:10 [years]

Stronghold Crusader pr:3 nr:5 dr:- [months]

Stronghold 2 pr:7 [some maps]

Stronghold: Legends

The Oil Blue

Tower pr:5 dr:4

The Settlers 2

The Settlers Heritages of Kings

Zeus + Poseidon


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