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Bowlingpositive rate:そのgameの楽しめる度合
negative rate:そのgameをやっていて不快に感じる度合
diggable rate:どのぐらい飽きずにやり込めるか

[Bowling] / [Breakeout] / [Fall / Rise & Match] / [Link Puzzle] / [Mar Jong]/ [Physics] / [Tiling Puzzle] / [Word] / [Free/Shareware] / [Link]

Bowling (玉転がし)

ballance pr:9 nr:2

Elf Bowling – Hawaiian Vacation pr:7 nr:8.5

Marble Madness

Spin Dizzy World

Breakeout (ブロック崩し)

Atlantis Adventure Coral’s Quest pr:5.5 nr:2

Breakout (3D remake) pr:4 nr:6.5

Incredible Ink pr:7.5 nr:4

Luxor 2 pr:6.5 nr:7 dr:6

Peggle Deluxe pr:9 nr:2 dr:7.5
Peggle Extreme pr:8 nr:2 dr:5

Zuma pr:6

Fall / Rise & Match(落ち物/上げ物)

Alchemist’s Apprentice pr:6.5

Audiosurf pr:5 nr:3 dr:2

Azkend pr:7.5 nr:1 dr:3.5

Bejeweled pr:8.5 nr:5 dr:6.5

Bejeweled 2 pr:7.5 nr:6 dr:6

Cahins pr:1.5 nr:3 dr:2.5

Chainz 2 pr:5.5 nr:7.5 dr:4

Collapse! pr:7.5 nr:2 dr:6

Collapse! II pr:9.5 nr:0.5 dr:8

Collupse! 3

Collapse! Crunch pr:5

Collapse! Puzzle Gallery pr:8 nr:1 dr:8

Columns pr:9 nr:2.5 dr:9

Five card drop pr:7 nr:3 dr:7.5

Jewel Quest pr:8.5 nr:3 dr:8

Jewel Quest 2 pr:6 nr:6

Jewels of Sinai (DEMO)

Klax pr:7 nr:5 dr:4

Season Match 2 (DEMO) pr:3.5

Nisqually! pr:2 nr:7

Pusher pr:6.5 nr:2.5 dr:5

Quarth pr:6.5 nr:6.5

Rise of Atlantis pr:1

rolling Marbles pr:6.5 nr:4.5

Tetris pr:8.5 nr:6

Tile Fall pr:7 nr:2.5

Tower of the Ancients pr:6.5 nr:5.5 dr:3

ぷよぷよ(pc98) pr:7.5 nr:8


ぷよぷよFever pr:8 nr:10

Link Puzzle (連結)

Glinx! pr:5.5 nr:7 dr:

水道管 (MSX) pr:6.5 nr:7.5

Mahjong (麻雀牌)

四川省 pr:10 nr:6 dr:10

上海 pr:4 nr:8

香港 pr:7 nr:3 dr:6


Fortix pr:5.5 nr:7 dr:5

Qix pr:7

Physical puzzle

Incredible Machines

Crazy Machines

Obulis pr:7 nr:2

Tilling Puzzle

Fire Flower pr:2 nr:7 dr:2

Itch! pr:7 nr:1

Inspector Parker

Inspector Parker: BeTrapped ! pr:6.5



和製 Puzzle&Casual game 雑記


The Casual Collective

Casual game販売業者一覧


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