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positive rate: gameとしての面白さ
negative rate: 製品としての不出来/不快度
diggable rate: どのぐらい楽しくやり込み続けられるか
learning difficulty : まともなplay習得までにかかる時間・難度

played : [量(map/clear)・時間(hour)・期間(day/week/month/year)]

[Board roots/Wargame] / [Philippe Thibaut / Paradox] /
[Turn-based 4X] / [Real-time 4X] /
[Real-time Pitched Battle (合戦)] /[Turn-based Command of Squad] / [Real-time Command of Squad] /
[Build and Defense]

Board roots

Advanced Civilization pr:9 nr:2 dr:9 ld:4 [years]

Imperialism 2 pr:9 nr:4 dr:7.5 ld:8 [months]

Lux Deluxe pr:8 nr:1 dr:8.5 ld:1.5

Reiner Knizia’s Samurai (DEMO) pr:6.5

Risk II pr:7.5 nr:4 dr:7 ld:2.5 [years]

Scotland Yard


John Tiller’s campaign series

East Front
West Front
Rising Sun

Panzer General 3D Assault pr:2

Open General

Rommel 1941

Shattered Union pr:2.5

Strategic Command pr:8 nr:2 dr:7.5 ld:2 [years]

Strategic Command 2 Britzkreig pr:4 nr:7 [months]

+Weapon and Warfare pr:4 nr:8 [month]

Squad Leader nr:8.5

Third Reich PC

War Plan Orange

World War 2: Time of Wrath pr:6 nr:6 dr:6 [weeks]

Close Combat

Close Combat pr:8.5 nr:5 dr:7 ld:5.5

log.1 2

Close Combat: Cross of Iron pr:9 nr:4 dr:8 ld:5

Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem pr:7 nr:5.5 dr:8.5 ld:6.5


Close Combat: The Longest Day pr:6.5 nr:8.5 ld:7

Close Combat: Wacht am Rhein pr:8 nr:7 dr:8.5 ld:6.5


Panther Games

Airborne Assault: Conquest Of The Aegean pr:8.5 ld:6.5

log. 1


Carriers at War

Decisive Battles of WWII: Korsun Pocket pr:9 nr:3 dr:9 ld:8 [years]

Across the Donepr pr:8 nr:4 dr:9 [months]


Decisive Battle of WWII: Battle In Normandy nr:5 ld:8 [weeks]


Kharkov: Disaster at Donets pr:7.5 nr:7 ld:9.5

log.1 2

Across the Dnepr Second Edition ld:10


Philippe Thibaut(AGEOD) / Paradox

AGEod’s Civili War

Birth of America nr:10 [install&Test play]

Birth of America 2

Crusader Kings + Deus Vult pr:8 nr:7 dr:6.5[years]


Europa Universalis pr:8 nr:7.5 dr:7 ld:8 [months]

Europa Universalis 2 pr:8.5 nr:7 [months]


+AGCEEPP pr:9.5 nr:6 dr:9 [years]


For the Glory pr:8.5 nr:5 dr:9 [a year]

Europa Universalis 2 Asia Chapters [month]

Europa Universalis 3

+Napoleon’s Ambition + In Nomine pr:2.5 nr:9 dr:4 [years]


+Heir to the Throne pr:7  nr:7.5 dr:6.5 [months]

+Divine Wind pr:7.5 nr:8 dr:6.5 [months]

+Magna Mundi(MOD)  pr:6.5 nr:5 [months]

Europa Universalisに関する考察 1,2

Great Invasions [month]

Hearts of Iron2 nr:7.5 [weeks]

+Doomsday pr:5.5 nr:7 [weeks]
+Armageddon pr:6.5 nr:6.5 [year]

Arsenal of Democracy pr:7.5 nr:6 dr: [year]

Iron Cross


Hearts of Iron 3 nr:8

+Semper Fi

Pride of Nations

Victoria pr:7 nr:9.5 dr:5 ld:10 [years]

+Revoluton pr:8 nr:9 ld:10 dr:5 [years]
+MOD pr:8.5 nr:7.5 ld:10 dr:9.5 [years]

log.1 2

Victoria 2


World War One – Strategic CommandやCombat Missionなどの版元。 (Battlefront.comでの購入とeLicenseの認証)

Paradox Interactive Forums > Development Diaries

The Wargamer

Turn-based 4X(eXplore,eXpand,eXploit,eXterminate)

Galactic Civilizations

Galactic Civilizations 2

Sid Meier’s Civilization style

Alpha Centauri pr:7 nr:7 :dr:5 [Ironman clear]

Civilization pr:7 nr:9 ld:7.5 [years]

Civilization 2 pr:7.5 nr:7 ld:7 dr:7 [Ironman clear]

Fantastic World
Civilization 2: Test of Time

Civilization 3 pr:3 nr:7.5 [weeks]

Civilization 4 pr:4.5 nr:6 [month]

Sid Meier’s Colonization pr:8 nr:5 ld:6 dr:7.5 [Ironman clear]

Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Colonization pr:2.5 nr:8.5 dr:4.5

Master of Magic pr:7.5 nr:8 dr:9 [decade]

New World Computing

King’s Bounty (98) pr:8.5 nr:4 dr:8.5 ld:4 [years]

King’s Bounty The Legend pr:7 nr:3.5

Armored Princess

Cross World

Heroes of Might & Magic 1 pr:8 nr:3 dr:5

Heroes of Might & Magic 2

+The Price of Loyalty

Real-time 4X (Dune II like)

※対戦競技gameとしてのmultiplayはやらないのでsingle playのみの評価。する場合は別途Multiとして表記。

Age of Empire+Rise of Roma pr:7 [week]

Age of Empire 2+Conqurers pr:5.5 nr:4.5 dr:6 [years]

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Dawn

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Sun pr:2.5 [some maps]

Dune 2 pr:7.5

Cossacs pr:3 nr:6 dr:- [some maps]


Homeworld Cataclysm

Kohan pr:6.5 nr:3 dr:4 [months]

Kohan 2

Majesty (キング オブ アーデニア) pr:8 nr:2 dr:4 [Hard clear]

The Northern Expansion

Majesty 2 pr:7 nr:4.5 dr:4

Sins of Solar Empire

+Entrenchment pr:8.5 nr:3 dr:5 [month]

+Diplomacy pr:6 nr:6 dr:2

Starcraft + Brood War pr:3.5 nr:6 [some maps]

Warcraft(SS) pr:6 nr:2 dr:5 [months]

Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos pr:7 nr:5 dr:6.5

+The Frozen Throne pr:6.5 nr:6 dr:6

Warlords Battlecry 3 pr:4.5 nr:6.5

Real-time Pitched Battle (会戦での戦術指揮)

Premodern (機械化以前)

Shogun: Total War pr:7 nr:4 dr:6.5 [years]

Mongolian Invasion pr:7.5 [month]

Medieval II: Total War pr:4 nr:7.5 dr:4 [months]

+Kingdoms pr:6 nr:6.5 dr:5 [year]

Imperial Glory pr:6.5 nr:7 dr:4.5 [clear: Hard]

Rome: Total War pr:6.5 nr:4 dr:5

Sango: The Fall of the Han Dynasty (DEMO)

Sango2 pr:4 nr:7.5 [month]

Strength & Honour (DEMO) pr:2 nr:7 dr:2

TAKEDA (武田信玄) pr:8.5 nr:3 dr:7.5 ld:3 [clear: Hard,years]

Takeda 2 pr:2.5 nr:7.5 [weeks]

Takeda 3 pr:4

Sid Meyer’s Civil War Collection

Waterloo Napoleon’s Last Battle

modern (機械化以後)

Achtung Panzer:  Kharkov 1943


Combat Mission: Afrika Korps
Combat Mission: barbarossa to Berlin
Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord
Combat Mission: Shock Force

Sudden Strike + Forever pr:8.5 nr:3 dr:9 [months]

Sudden Strike 2

Hidden Stroke

World War I pr:3.5 nr:7.5 dr:4 [clear:Entente campaign+α]

Turn-based Command of Squad(小部隊の直接指揮)

Rebelstar pr:8 nr:5

Rebelstar 2 pr:7 nr:6

Laser Squad pr:7.5 nr:6.5

Jagged Alliance

log 1

Deadly games

Jagged Alliance 2 + Unfinished Business pr:9 nr6.5: dr:9


X-COM: UFO Defence pr:8.5 nr:6.5 dr:9.5
X-COM: Terror from Deep
X-Com: Apocalypse

X-Com: Enforcer
X-Com: Interceptor

UFO: Aftermath
UFO: Aftershock

UFO Extraterrestrials

Real-time Command of Squad(小部隊の直接指揮)


Beyond the Call of Duty

Fire Department pr:9 nr:6.5 dr:7 ld:2 [clear: hard]
Fire Department 2 (Fire Captain) pr:7 nr:7 dr:6 ld:5 [clear: hard]
Fire Department 3 (Fire Captain2) pr:6 nr:8 dr:3 ld:5 [clear: hard]

Full Spectrum Warrior pr:5 nr:6.5 dr:3.5 [clear:Normal]
Full Spectrum Warrior:Ten Hammers

Syndicate pr:7

log 1

Build and Defense

Desktop Tower Defense pr:8 nr:7 dr:8

Harvest: Massive Encounter pr:8.5 nr:2 dr:7.5 [year]

Imperii pr:3.5 nr:8.5

Power of Defense pr:6

Rampart pr:8.5 nr:7 dr:

WidgetTD (DEMO)

Tower Defense games


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