First Person Shooter/Action

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positive rate:そのgameの快楽度
negative rate:そのgameの不快度
diggable rate:どれだけ楽しくやり込めるか

played : [量(map/clear)・進行(序盤/中盤/終盤)・期間(day/week/month/year)]


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Alien vs Pledator

Marine pr:7.5 nr:6 dr:7.5
Predator pr:1.5 nr:7 dr:2
Alien pr:4 nr:9 dr:-

Alien vs Pledator 2

Marine pr:5 nr:6 dr:3
Predator pr:1 nr:7 dr:3
Alien pr: nr:7 dr:-

ArmA: Cold War Assault pr:9.5 nr:7 dr:10

Armed Assault+Queens Gambit pr:4.5 nr:8.5 [months]

ArmA 2


BadToys pr:5.5 nr:5.5 dr:3.5

Beach Head 2002 pr:5 nr:5

Beyond Normandy – Assignment: Berlin pr:0.5 nr:7.5 dr:0.5 [Normal clear]

Blood 2: The Chosen pr:4.5 nr:7 dr:3.5 [Normal clear]


Call of Duty pr:7.5 nr:3.5 dr:4.5 [Normal/Hard clear]

United Offensive pr:0.5 nr:9.5 dr:0.5

Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare pr:2.5 nr:8 dr:3 [clear:Hard]

Chaser pr:5 nr:9 dr:4 [Normal clear]

CIA Operative: Solo Missions pr:2 nr:3.5 dr:1.5 [Normal clear]

Clive barker’s UNDYING pr:7 nr:6 dr:6 [clear:normal]

Codename Eagle pr:8 nr:2 dr:6.5 Multi pr:8.5 nr:3 dr:8 [clear: normal/hard]

Codename: Outbreak pr:5.5 nr:8 dr:4 [month]

Command&Conquer Renegade pr:3.5 nr:7.5 dr:3 [clear: normal]


Counter Strike: Condition Zero pr:9 nr:8.5 dr:7 [clear: Hard]

+BOT +custom campaign pr:9 nr:7 dr:8.5 [years]

Deleted scenes pr:3 nr:8 dr:2.5

Counter Strike: Source pr:5.5 nr:7 dr: 9 + map pr:6.5


Deadly Dozen pr:6 nr:4 dr:5 [Normal clear]

Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater

Delta Force pr:8.5 nr:2 dr:8 Multi pr:7 nr:5 [years]

Delta Force 2 pr:8.5 nr:1.5 dr:7.5 Multi pr:8 nr:2 [years]

Delta Force Land Warrior pr:1 nr:7 dr:3 [years]

Delta Force Task Force Dagger pr:1.5 nr:7 dr:3 [years]

Delta Force Black Hawk Down pr:6.5

Delta Force Xtreme pr:1.5 nr:6 dr:2.5 Multi pr:6 nr:5

Deus Ex pr:8 nr:5 dr:7

Die Hard : NAKATOMI PLAZA pr:1.5 nr:8 dr:2 [clear:normal/hard]

(HARD&Axe play) pr:4 nr:8 dr:4.5

Duke Nukem 3D + Plutonium pack + eDuke pr:8.5

Doom pr:6.5 nr:8 dr:6.5 [decade]

Doomsday (JDOOM) [years]

Doom 1(Ultimate) pr:9 nr:3 dr:8

Doom 2 pr:10 nr:2 dr:9

The Plutonia Experiment pr:8.5 nr:6 dr:8

TNT: Evilution

Eternal pr:8 nr:5
ICARUS pr:3.5 nr:5

Daniel level Serie 1 pr:9.5 nr:3 dr:7

Heretic pr:8 nr:5 dr:7

Hexen Beyond the Heretic

Hexen Death King of the Dark Citadel


play log vol.1

Doom64: Absolution pr:6 nr:6.5

Doom 3 pr:9 nr:6 dr:8 [clear: Normal/Hard]

Ressurection of Evil pr:5 nr:8 [1/3]


Enemy Territory Quake Wars pr:8 nr:7.5 dr:7.5 [year]


Far Cry pr:7 nr:7 dr:6.5 [years]

+ Stealth Foot MOD + Quick save pr:8 nr:5.5 dr:7.5

Far Cry 2 + Fortune pack pr:1.5 nr:10 dr:2 [clear:hard]

FireStarter (DEMO)


Extraction point pr:7


Ghost Recon

+Island Thunder +Desert Seige nr:8

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

GORE: Special Edition Beta

Grappling Hook pr:5.5 nr:3.5


Half-Life pr:2.5 nr:9

Opporsing Force pr:4 nr:6

Blue Shift pr:2.5 nr:9

Half-Life: Uplink (DEMO)

Half-Life FX single DEMO

Half-Life 2 pr:3.5 nr:7 dr:2.5 [clear:normal]

lost Coast pr:3.5 nr:7 dr:1
Episode 1 pr:0 nr:9 [hours]

HALO -Combat Evolved- pr:7.5 nr:5 dr:5.5 [clear: normal]

Hellforces pr:4 nr:7.5 dr:3 [half]

Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe pr:8.5 nr:7 dr:9 [years]

Hidden & Dangerous 2




Killing Floor pr:7.5 nr:5 dr:8 [months]

Kingpin: Life of Crime pr:5.5 nr:6 dr:4 [Normal clear]

KISS Psycho Circus

KUMA\War pr:4 nr:6.5 dr:4

KUMA\War 2  pr:0.5 nr:7.5 dr:1


Land of the Dead pr:6 nr:4 dr:4 [clear: normal]

Left 4 Dead pr:8.5 nr:3 dr:6.5 [year]

Left 4 Dead 2 pr:3

Line of Sight Vietnam pr:6.5 nr:7 dr:6 [normal 2/3]


Medal of Honor: Allied Assault pr:3.5 nr:5.5 dr:2 [clear: normal]

Spear Head

Medal of Honor Pacific Assault

Medal of Honor Airborne

Mobile Forces pr:8 nr:1 dr:5.5 [years]


Navy SEALs pr:0.5 nr:9 dr:1 [clear: normal]

NitroFamily pr:2 [some levels]

No One Lives Forever (Normal) pr:2.5 (Hard) pr:7.5 nr:6 dr:5

No One Lives Forever 2

No One Lives Forever 2: Contract JACK


Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis pr:5.5 nr:9 dr:6.5

Red Hammer (campaign) pr:4.5 nr:9

Resistance + MOD pr:9.5 nr:7.5 dr:10 [years]

Outlaws pr:6.5 nr:3.5 dr:5 [months]


Painkiller pr:3.5 nr:10 dr:5 [month]

Battle Out of Hell

+powermad pr:4.5 nr:8



Portal pr:8 nr:4

Pariah pr:3.5 nr:6 dr:3 [clear: Normal]

Project I.G.I. pr:9 nr:6 dr:8 [decade]

I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike pr:4.5 nr8 dr:5 [years]

PRISM: Guard Shield (DEMO) pr:4 nr:6.5


Quake pr:7.5 nr:3 dr:7 [years]

tenebrae pr:8.5 nr:8 dr:7

Quake II pr:6.5 nr:7.5 dr:7 [years]

Quake II Evolved

Quake2 pr:8 nr:3 dr:7.5

Ground Zero pr:7 nr:6 dr:6.5

The Reckoning pr:6 nr:7 dr:5.5

Quake 3 Arena pr:8.5 nr:5 [months]

Team Arena pr:7 nr:7 [months]

Quake 4 pr:7 nr:9.5 dr:6 [clear: Generalx3]


Rainbow Six pr:8.5 nr:7 dr:8

Rainbow Six 2 RogueSpear+Urban Operations pr:9.5 nr:6.5 dr:9 [decade]

Black Thorn pr:9.5 nr:6.5 dr:9 [years]

Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield pr:7

Athena Sword

Iron Wrath

Red Faction pr:6 nr:4 [months]

Redneck Rampage

Return to Castle Wolfenstein pr:9 nr:3.5 dr:7 [years]

Return to Castle Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory pr:8.5 nr:7.5 dr:9.5 [years]


SiN pr:7 nr:7 dr:5 [Norma: 2/3]

SiN Episodes: Emergence pr:3 nr:6 dr:2.5 [month]

Serious Sam : The First Encounter pr:10 nr:0.5 dr:9 [decade]

COOP pr:8.5 dr:3

Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter pr:8 nr:6 dr:7.5 [decade]

Serious Sam : The Second Encounter pr:4.5 nr:8.5 dr:5 [years]

COOP pr:5.5 dr:2

Serious Violence 1st pr:8 dr:3

Serious Sam II pr:9 nr:5 dr:9 [years]


SHOGO:Mobile Armor Division

Soldier of Fortune pr:6.5 nr:6 dr:4 [years]

Soldier of Fortune 2 pr:2 nr:10 dr:3 [clear: normal/sof]

Multi pr:7.5 nr:2 dr:5

Spec Ops + Ranger Team Bravo pr:6 nr:7.5 dr:6 [year]

Spec Ops 2 + Operation Bravo

Specnaz: Project Wolf pr:0.5 nr:8.5

Starsiege : Tribes DL

SWAT3 pr:7.5 nr:5 dr:6 [months]

SWAT4 pr:7.5 nr:5.5 dr:5 [months]

System Shock pr:7.5 nr:8 dr:- [months]

System Shock 2


The Stalin Subway pr:7.5 nr:5.5 dr:6 [clear: normal/hard]

The Stalin Subway: Red Vail pr:3 nr:8 dr:2 [months]

The wheel of Time

Thief: the Dark Project pr:7.5 nr:9 dr: [months]

Thief 2

Thief 3 Deadly Shadow

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter pr:7.5 nr:6 [hard: 4/5]


Unreal pr:3 nr:7 dr:3.5 [years]

Unreal 2 pr:2 nr:10 dr:4.5 [clear: normal]

Unreal Tournament pr:9.5 nr:5 dr:8.5 [years]

Unreal Tournament 2004 pr:8

+MOD + map pr:9 nr:3.5 dr:9 [years]

Unreal Tournament 3 pr:7 nr:6.5 [weeks]


Viet Cong + Fist Alpha

Viet Cong 2 + Fist Bravo pr:2.5 nr:7 dr:3 [normal 1/2]

Vietnam: Black Ops pr:3 nr:6 dr:2.5 [clear: normal]

Vietnam 2: Special Assignment pr:7 nr:5 dr:7.5 [clear: normal/hard]

Vivisector (DEMO)


Western Desperado pr:2.5 nr:5.5 dr:2.5 [clear: normal]

Will Rock pr:2 nr:7.5 dr:3 [months]

Wolfenstein 3D pr:5.5 nr:7 dr:5 [years]

WWII : Iwo Jima pr:6 :nr:4.5 dr:5 [clear: normal/hard]

WWII : Normandy pr:2.5


XIII pr:7.5 nr:4 dr:3 [clear: normal]



play log vol.1


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