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Bowlingpositive rate:そのgameの楽しめる度合
negative rate:そのgameをやっていて不快に感じる度合
diggable rate:どのぐらい飽きずにやり込めるか

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Card game

Spectromancer pr:8.5 nr:2 dr:9 [months]

Playing cards

あすぱら さまざまなplaying cardsのreviewや手品の紹介。

Cue sports (ビリヤード)

3-D Ultra Cool pool


3D Pinball: Space Cadet pr:8.5 nr:5.5 dr:8

3-D Ultra Pinball pr:4

3-D Ultra Pinball The lost Continent pr:5.5 nr:6

3-D Ultra NASCAR Pinball pr:8 nr:1 dr:7

Addictional Pinball pr:4 nr:6.5 dr:3

Adventure Pinball

Balls of Steel

Devil’s Island Pinball pr:7 nr:2

Dream Pinball pr:5

LittleWing Pinball

Lura Pinball pr:3.5 nr:4.5 dr:3

Microsoft Pinball Arcade pr:7 nr:2 dr:7.5

Pure Pinball pr:1 nr:7 dr:1

Pure Pinball Redux

Powershot Pinball pr:0.5

Pro Pinball: Big Race USA pr:8 nr:5 dr:8

Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey pr:6 nr:5

Pro Pinball: Timeshock! pr:7 nr:7.5

Pro Pinball: The WEB pr:3 nr:4

SlamIt Pinball: Big score pr:6.5 nr:6

Pinball Dreams pr:7.5 nr:5 dr:8

Pinball Dreams II

Pinball Fantasies pr:7.5

Pinball Maniac pr:4

Pinball Illusions pr:6 nr:8

Slam Tilt Pinball pr:8.5 nr:5

Future Pinball

Visual Pinball VP forum

Pinball Addicts – Pinball Classifieds – News

Pinball originals 台の紹介


The Internet Pinball Machine Database – 用語解説などすべてが完備された辞典

Tokyo Pinball Organization Pinballの歴史など

Video Pinball Game @ OFU’s page – 主として日本で発売されたvideo pinball gameのreview

play log vol. 1


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